Frustrated with your trading?

It frustrates me when I see people hesitate, or follow others, and enter a trade too late.

Is it a lack of confidence? I can empathize because I have been there, but if they don’t get a grip on it, that will be their downfall before trading ever begins. You need to learn to rely on your own reasoning, or you are going to be too slow and wind up beaten and battered. I recommend starting out with small shares until you gain a confidence in your system and your ability to keep stops. I understand that emotions, pressures and self-esteem problems that may not go away that easily. Trading is hard because its all about confidence. Try not to be frustrated with your trading?

It frustrates me when traders make things more complicated than they should to be.

Its human nature. We love trying to reinvent the wheel. Many of us see trading as a game. If we could just find that solution or formula that no one else has thought of yet, the holy grail, we would be rich and happy and trading. Traders tend to over analyze and they wind up with analysis paralysis, unprofitable and frustrated, convinced that trading is an unattainable gamble.

There really is no system for free or easy money. Its hard rules and discipline rather then a system. It’s your discipline to use it and keep stops. You are not going to find a system that works 100% of the time, so you had better limit those losses; because 2% of your trades can easily wipe out 98% of your gains if you cant keep stops. So please try not to be frustrated with your trading.

If you start thinking too much about what you are doing or second-guessing yourself, you will quickly get taken out of the game.”

Stop being frustrated with your trading?

Believe it or not, it doesn’t really matter that much what your reason is exactly, as long as you are consistent with that reasoning. But you better have a reason! The market is open, you need to know what you are doing, and why you are doing it, without thinking too much about it. Just do it!

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