FB Facebook Inc Earnings Report-Advertising Revenue 10-30-18

FB-Facebook Inc Headline News

FB-Facebook Inc Headline News

Facebook Earnings Arrive During Challenging Time For Social Media Giant

Facebook earnings are due after the market close Tuesday, rounding out tech earnings from the high-profile FANG stocks.

Shares of Facebook plunged 19% on July 26 after the company reported second-quarter earnings that missed estimates on revenue. It also lowered revenue guidance for the third and fourth quarters.

The stock drop sliced a chunk more than $100 billion in market value off Facebook stock that day.


Facebook Stock Could Take Another Hit on Earnings

Facebook investors might want to grit their collective teeth ahead of Tuesday’s third-quarter earnings report.

Analysts already have. Several are openly wondering if advertising—the fuel behind Facebook’s $40.65 billion in fiscal 2017 sales—is waning.


FB Facebook Inc 10-30-18 Before Earnings

FB Facebook Inc 10-30-18 Before Earnings

Today's Trade of the Day | 10-30-18

An advanced trade today in TSLA. The stock price has reached a Saturation Point. This means the buying pressure has "saturated" but the trade calls for a special type of open.

If the stock opens lower and pushes lower off the open I will let it go. If the stock opens higher, and pushes higher off the open it is a sell short at a certain distance from yesterday's close.

** Note the specificity of what I am game planning. Very specific price action triggers the trade. It's not a simple as "sell short"

TSLA Tesla Inc 10-30-18

TSLA Tesla Inc 10-30-18

Stocks to Trade | Tuesday Edition 10-30-18

Bullish Cash Flow: LB, KSS, JWN, MO, PEP, DUK, AEP, VZ, PM, PEG

Bearish Cash Flow: cgc, pags, baba, ba, nvda, amzn, wynn, wdc, sq, atvi, ea, apc, nflx, bidu, hon, hes, crm, ma, msft, pypl, stx, v, adbe, fb

New 20 Day Breakout: RHT, KSS, JWN, MO, TSLA, WMT, TWTR

New 20 Day Breakdown: cgc, pags, baba, ba, nvda, amzn, wynn, wdc, atvi, ea, nflx, bidu, hon, luv, crm, ma, apa, lvs, slb, adbe, fb, aapl, de

Double Normal Volume: RHT, IBM, MRK, AMZN, WDC, LUV, EQT, EA, CL, BA, CTSH, CF, CCI

Become a Better Trader. Get Notified.

Tape Reading the SPY ETF

Short-term SPY ETF remains in conflict with long-term bull market. Volatility spike has made it challenging for swing traders to get a grip on new trades. Difficult to assess a confident bias that justifies searching for risk reward. So what does that mean?

This is a day traders market. Day traders heaven actually. Smart swing traders are trading lighter or sitting on the sidelines. Trade when the odds are in your favor.

SPY ETF Chart 10-30-18

SPY ETF Chart 10-30-18

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