Facebook Earnings Report Launches Stock Price Higher

Facebook is doing everything right.

The FED can’t win for losing. The initial response by traders after the FOMC was muted, but bearish traders woke up, and hammered prices lower again.

The stock market traded massive volume in 2016. My trading experience says we are due for a pause. The problem with that wisdom, is we are no longer solely trading a domestic market.

The new, global, 24/7 market is here to stay.

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Pete’s  Day Trading Notes:

  • Facebook earnings…wow.
  • FOMC reaction, look out below.
  • The short-sale is still the correct play, many more stocks trading below their 200 sma.
  • Started to notice, many charts, at or near support. The stock market is consolidating the massive selling and volume traded for 2016. This is normal, but may lead to muted price action for day traders. If this happens, you need to be focused on stock picking.

Stock Market Today: Map of the S&P 500

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Facebook Earnings Report Launches Stock Price Higher

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Day Trading Game Plan: The SPY ETF Outlook

SPY price action was healthy for bullish traders, prior to the FOMC announcement. The $187 level is the support traders need to monitor for another move lower. If the SPY can’t break this level with volume, we could be in for a week of sideways action.

If that happens on heavy volume, it will be short-term accumulation and we will see a bounce.

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Facebook Earnings Report Launches Stock Price Higher

Facebook Earnings Report Launches Stock Price Higher

Facebook Lifts, Apple Falls; Amazon Next In Big-Tech Earnings

It’s a big week for big tech earnings. Apple sold off Wednesday on weak guidance. Facebook zoomed late as it crushed estimates, but EBay plunged.

Facebook Earnings Growth Crushes Estimates, Stock Soars

Facebook maintained its strong growth momentum with fourth-quarter earnings that topped expectations. The social media giant reported revenue of $5.84 billion, up 51% from the year-earlier period and beating the consensus estimate of $5.37 billion. Facebook reported earnings per share minus items of 79 cents, easily topping the consensus was 68 cents, as polled byContinued

Facebook Just Met Or Beat Every Single Wall Street Consensus Expectation

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ: FB) shares are skyrocketing after a positive earnings surprise Wednesday, now above the $100 level. The social media giant reported fourth quarter earnings of $0.79 per share versus estimates of $0.68, and revenue of $5.84 billion versus estimates of $5.37 billion.

Facebook Earnings Lifts Sagging Earnings Season and Sentiment

Facebook released its 4Q earnings report and the results largely beat expectations, offering a much needed sentiment boost in a lackluster earnings season.

Facebook: It’s Hard to Argue With Results Like These

Facebook investors are paying a high price for consistency. But the social network’s results show it hasn’t missed a step.

Trade-Ideas: Facebook (FB) Is Today’s Post-Market Leader Stock

Facebook Stock Price After Earnings Report

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Facebook Earnings Report Launches Stock Price Higher

Stocks to Trade 1-28-16

Short-Term Trading Momentum:

Positive the last 20 and 5 trading days | closed 2% higher from the open: AR, COH, GLNG, GPOR

Negative last 20 and 5 trading days | closed 2% lower from the open: vmw, ba, stt, nflx, hcn, appl, ilmn, bidu,expe, hfc, fit, tso, mpc, adsk, ftnt, wdc, aet, dal, km, tsla, gild, tol, hog, ma, adbe, googl, amgn

Quarterly Order Flow:

Bullish Stocks to Trade: JNJ, PM, LULU, MCD, DLTR, NEE, KHC, EA, FSLR

Bearish Stocks to Trade: vmw, ba, stt, nflx, hcn, aapl, wpz, swks, nvs, expe, hfc, aer, adsk, wdc, crm, aet, car, dal, kmx, tsla, gild, mjn, ma, mck, mar, xom, mbly, bmy, cat, esrx, abc, ir, axp, pru, lnc, gs, dvn, jpm, ups, slb, fdx, ual, cof

20 Day Breakdown: vmw, ba, stt, nflx, hcn, aapl, jd, nvs, expe, tso, tsla, luv, tol, hog, adbe, cb

20 Day Breakout: O, KHC, COG, AR, COH, GPOR


Inside days: dhi, jnpr, wdc, stx, bx, ftnt, pcg, mxim, nue, lng, mchp, tmus, kim, skx, scty, len, yoku, yelp, urbn

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