Electronic Arts EA Explodes 14 % Higher-Apex Legends

EA Electronic Arts Inc Stock Chart 2-11-19

EA Electronic Arts Inc Stock Chart 2-11-19

Electronic Arts Stock Surges on New Game Following Earnings Drubbing

Video game maker Electronic Arts (EA) staged a comeback Friday on the successful release of a new game, Apex Legends. Shares surged more than 14%, about as much as they had fallen earlier in the week on disappointing earnings.

In a big reversal, the stock saw its biggest gain in two years after it announced that its latest free-to-play battle royale game, Apex Legends, had attracted 10 million users, according to Bloomberg.


EA Stock Jumps as Apex Legends Looks Like a Formidable Fortnite Competitor

Electronic Arts Inc. surged to its biggest gain since 2014 after the video-game maker said its latest release attracted 10 million users in 72 hours.

Apex Legends is the latest free-to-play battle royale game from Electronic Arts.

The positive commentary and user traction garnered online has outpaced the early success of Epic Games Inc.’s Fortnite, a smash hit that has had publishers scrambling to catch up.


Stopped Out: How being Disciplined Almost Ruined Me

Discipline is good, discipline is smart, discipline nearly drained my account. Get a plan! You need a trading plan! My trading plan was a recipe for getting stopped out of every trade. I guess this is what a punching bag feels like. I’m following the “rules,” but I’m still losing money.

My friend Bobby who was a NASDAQ market maker for First Boston gave me a clue.

He said “It’s trade management not trade predictions. Learn to work the order a little but be disciplined in your risk management. Never lose more than you planned, but don’t be stubborn with your entries or you’ll drive yourself crazy and get stopped out of every trade.

As long as the tape is obvious, work the order. My institutional clients scale in and scale out, learn to do the same “

Bar-by-bar I reviewed the trades. They all look good but I didn’t understand what Bobby meant by an obvious tape. At this point I wasn’t losing much money. I stopped the bleeding by doing less of the stupid stuff, but commissions, software fees and small losses slowly drained my account.

Discipline helped. But it wasn’t the answer. I became very disciplined at taking losses… Something was still missing. I needed a few big winners to pay for all those small losses.


MU Micron Technology Inc Stock Chart 2-11-19

MU Micron Technology Inc Stock Chart 2-11-19

Micron Tech. MU stock price finally broke the long-term bearish order flow and held new support.

I’m looking for a new swing trade long.

Expecting minor resistance in the $40 area. Game planning two profit targets of $46 and $52.

World stocks gain as investors eye trade talks, Brexit

LONDON (Reuters) – World stock markets rose on Monday, as investors eyed the resumption of trade talks between the United States and China and watched for signs of progress on Brexit.

Worries about a slowdown in global growth, an ongoing U.S.-China trade dispute and U.S. politics have been foremost in investors’ minds. Safe-haven bonds and the dollar have gained amid the prolonged uncertainty.


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