DIS Walt Disney Company Reports Q1 Earnings

DIS Walt Disney Co 2-5-19 Before Earnings

DIS Walt Disney Co 2-5-19 Before Earnings

Disney Reports Earnings on Tuesday — Here’s What to Look For

Disney is expected to report weaker results than it did a year ago, when it benefited from the timing of major releases and the windfall from the tax reform law.

The Walt Disney Co. (DIS) is scheduled to release its fiscal 2019 first quarter results after the closing bell Tuesday, with Wall Street expecting the media company to report results below the totals from a year ago.

Disney benefited from big winter releases and the positive effects from the tax reform law during its fiscal first quarter last year. Without those tailwinds, most analysts have the company under performing last year’s results.


Disney Stock Above Key Levels Heading Into Earnings

The Walt Disney Company (DIS) has chart setups that favor a positive reaction when the Mouse House reports earnings after the closing bell on Tuesday, Feb. 5.

The stock closed Monday, Feb. 4, at $111.80, up just 2% so far in 2019 and up 11.4% from its Dec. 24 low of $100.35.


SPY ETF Chart 2-5-19

SPY ETF Chart 2-5-19

Mentor Minutes: How to Set up High-Probability Trades

If you are finding the current long-term tape is driving you crazy, here is a simple solution that works like a charm for both day trading and swing trading.

This is not a full trading plan but it come close. We are using the SPY ETF as an example but you can apply the trading strategy to any stock.

The concept is to use one simple chart for your trend and the open price indicator as your filter.

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Dollar Exposed to Trump Striking Hawkish Tone at State of Union

The dollar could be vulnerable if President Donald Trump comes out swinging on trade and risks another government shutdown in his State of the Union address.

Sentiment on the U.S. currency has been driven in recent months by the trade conflict with China and Trump’s efforts to obtain funding for a wall on the border with Mexico, which prompted the longest U.S. government shutdown in history.

If the president chooses to escalate these issues in his speech later Tuesday, the dollar could be set to extend this year’s drop, according to Mizuho Securities Co. and Westpac Banking Corp.


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