DAL-Delta Airlines Rallies 3 Percent | Stocks to Trade 9-7-17

DAL-Delta Airlines Rallies 3 Percent | Stocks to Trade 9-7-17

Delta bracing for more cancellations with Hurricane Irma looming (Video)

Another category 5 hurricane means another travel headache for Delta Air Lines Inc. (NYSE: DAL). The Atlanta-based airline is bracing for more cancellations to potentially impacted tropical areas like Florida and Puerto Rico as Hurricane Irma has made its first landfall in the northeast Caribbean.

The storm is being described as one of the most powerful ever recorded over the Atlantic Ocean. As of Wednesday morning, Delta had listed flights to and from more than 15 Florida and Caribbean destinations that could be affected by the storm, telling passengers that flights cancelled or delayed by 90 minutes or more are entitled to a refund. The airline is also waiving certain change fees.


A Delta jet made a miraculous escape from Hurricane Irma by flying between the storm’s bands

On Wednesday, fans of commercial aviation noticed something interesting take place in the skies over Puerto Rico.

As the fury of Hurricane Irma bore down on the Caribbean island, an intrepid Delta Air Lines jet not only manage to land in the island’s capital but also made a successful escape before conditions deteriorated. Aviation journalist and Routehappy.com’ sector of airline research, Jason Rabinowitz was able to capture the event through a series of tweets.


United and Delta’s Miami Fares Surge Ahead of Hurricane Irma

U.S. airlines are coming under fire for increasing prices out of Miami ahead of Hurricane Irma, as a mandatory evacuation order comes in effect for the coastal areas of Miami-Dade county.

Flights out of Miami were particularly high for Friday, Sept. 8, a search by TheStreet showed, with Delta Air Lines (DAL) and American Airways (AAL) offering flights that were almost twice as expensive as normal and that would take double the time. American Airlines had the most expensive flight, coming in at $1,242 on Alphabet’s (GOOGL) Google flight function.

The city of Miami is preparing for its largest evacuation in more than a decade Thursday as the U.S. National Hurricane Cents warned that Irma, potentially the most powerful storm to hit the American mainland since 1992, is maintaining its category 5 wind speed as it bears down on the south Florida coast.


DAL-Delta Airlines Rallies 3 Percent | Stocks to Trade 9-7-17

DAL-Delta Airlines Rallies 3 Percent | Stocks to Trade 9-7-17

Today's Trading Lesson

The entire strategy revolves around three pieces of information:

1: Institutional activity, the order flow. We’re looking for obvious well-bid or well-offered.

2: The opening push, off the opening price.

3: The price we plan to enter. We always know our entry price before the market opens. It’s an exact calculation off the recent price action, then we use 80% of that number to give us a little room to work the order.

When the market opens, we monitor three specific levels that determine today’s tape. Once the strategy is locked in, the trader will always know what expect. The most powerful aspect of the trade is anticipating the opening price action. We know exactly what to expect the first 90 minutes, and the correct levels to trade.

Each day we plan ten to fifteen trades. We only need two or three to unfold as planned, to make consistent money. Many amateur believe the opening hour is confusing, and too volatile to interpret. The Saturation Play gives our traders confidence on the open, because when the “expected” happens, they literally planned for it.

They are taught to let everything else go. It’s really a thing of beauty when you learn to read the swing. “What happens if a lot of trades trigger at once?” Sweaty asked. They are trained to flawlessly take every trade. Our traders understand the system makes money over time, so you can’t cherry-pick the winners.

Trading doesn’t work if you only take some of the signals.. Once a trader gets used to the Game Plan, it’s actually easier to manage five positions than one. You aren’t watching every up-tick or down-tick. You manage the aggregate of the positions. The only way a traders gets in trouble, is if he doesn’t exit the losers.

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On the Tape Today | 9-7-17

WB-Weibo Corp 9-7-17

WB-Weibo Corp 9-7-17

WB-Weibo traded into a pause/inside day after three well-bid days of momentum. Game planning a breakout to the upside. A $104 buy stop triggers the new swing trade long. Looking for a $116 target to sell. If the stock trades lower today I will let it go and look for a limit order bid $99. Stop loss on the $104 entry comes in on a close below $101.50.


SPY ETF Chart 9-7-17

SPY ETF Chart 9-7-17


JetBlue and Delta offer special pricing to people fleeing Hurricane Irma

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Stock Market Sector Performance

Stock Market Sector Performance on 9-6-17 by finviz

Stock Market Sector Performance on 9-6-17 by finviz

Stocks to Trade | Thursday Edition 9-7-17


Bullish Momentum: HTZ, RDFN, DVAX, CAR, OKE, LYB, EXAS, CSX, TAL

Bearish Momentum: cbs, fnsr



Bearish Order Flow: dks, fl, lb, aap, ual, fnsr, apa, luv, cof, khc, mo, cbs

Double Normal Volume: DD, DAL, SRPT, UAL, UTX, COL, RH

Inside Days: ge, mu , csco, c, jpm, gild, x, nvda, mpc, ms, stx, wba, dhi, mcd, crm, phm, wdc, gs, ccl, jnpr, car, axp, hog, dltr, aaoi,
amzn, dfs

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