Cryptocurrency Markets Fall as Selling Resumes 7-10-18

Bitcoin Chart 7-10-18 BTC USD

Bitcoin Chart 7-10-18 BTC USD

Cryptocurrency Markets Dip as Bitcoin Price Drops to Sub $6600 Levels

The cryptocurrency markets took another dip on Tuesday morning as most of the major Top 10 cryptocurrencies suffered significant losses. The big loser across the board was EOS which crashed by around 12% on Binance to trade at around $7.60 in mid-morning trading.

Bitcoin had appeared to be consolidating at the $6700 level on Monday but suddenly it dropped to around $6550 on Tuesday morning before regaining to around the $6600 level at press time.

Ethereum also ceded most of the gains it had experienced in the past few days, and dropped to around the $458 level although here the decrease was only of about 5%.

Bitcoin Cash also experienced a considerable drop to settle at around the $720 level, a 4% decrease and appeared to be falling
further to flirt with the $700 level as the day progressed.

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