Cryptocurrency Bulls Seeking a Catalyst 7-9-18

Crypto market daily report – July 9, 2018

The cryptocurrency markets maintained the slight gains achieved over the weekend, although there was a small retracement on Monday morning at press time.

After having reached the $6,800 level on Sunday, SegWit BTC retreated to the $6,700 level but appeared to be stable at that price point with not much signs of a downturn so far.

Bitcoin Cash was hovering around the $750 level after having gone as high as $780 on Sunday although again, there was very little movement either way on low turnover.

Ethereum maintained the $780 level after having gone as high as $492 at one point but retreated slightly also on low turnover.

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Bitcoin Chart 7-9-18 BTC USD

Bitcoin Chart 7-9-18 BTC USD

Binance Coin Burn Is Around The Corner – How The Coin Burn Works

The crypto world and the technology behind it are still intriguing for traders and investors as well from all over the world.

A token burn is a common occurrence, and some crypto companies may decide to burn some of their tokens from the circulating supply for more reasons.

This is known as coin burning, and it has been conducted by various token developers as a tool to increase demand.

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