Crypto Market Update: Bears Control the Tape 7-11-18

Cryptocurrency Trading Update: Bears Bash Markets by Another $12 Billion

Markets are in pain once again as the bears keep the pressure on for another day.

Over $12 billion has left the crypto space and market capitalization has plummeted again back to just over $250 billion.

Bitcoin is holding key support at $6,400 and has lost 3.8% on the day to trade at just below this level. Further losses could be imminent if BTC falls below $6,400 where it is currently consolidating.

Ethereum has lost another 4.4% resulting in a fall to $440, downward signals are showing on the charts.

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Bitcoin Chart 7-11-18 BTC USD

Bitcoin Chart 7-11-18 BTC USD

Opera to Launch First Browser with Native Crypto Wallet

The latest version of the Opera browser for Android, which now is available in a private beta, is the first to offer a built-in cryptocurrency wallet and support for Ethereum

Opera has announced the launch of its new browser software with crypto wallet.

The latest version of the Opera browser for Android, which at the moment is available in a private beta version, can offer its users easy-to-use crypto wallet functionality and support for Ethereum decentralized apps.

It means that now interaction with Web 3.0 will be possible via fully-featured Opera mobile browser. Thanks to the newly introduced features, Opera has become the first major browser with a built-in crypto wallet.

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