Costco Wholesale Corp COST Earnings Report 10-4-18

Costco Wholesale Corp COST Earnings Report

Costco Wholesale Corp COST Earnings Report

Costco Stock Has Had a Great Year and New Earnings Could Push It Even Higher

Costco Wholesale (COST) stock has been a fairly steady performer for years, even if it’s backed off recent all-time highs. Yet Robert W. Baird thinks that its upcoming fourth-quarter earnings report will be a strong one.

Where we were: Costco stock has outperformed the broader market and the SPDR S&P Retail ETF (XRT) this year, rising more than 27%, although some analysts have gotten worried about valuation.

COST Costco 10-4-18 Before Earnings

COST Costco 10-4-18 Before Earnings

Today's Trade of the Day | 10-4-18

Pot stocks are on fire. Should you trade them? Can you handle the swings? Can you handle the potential losses? Is the trade one that has an edge? Does the price action match YOUR edge?

I've done quite a few coaching calls the last 30 days with both new and experienced traders. One common theme runs through most of the calls. They are all struggling (which is why they asked for coaching) and 95% of them want to trade the most volatile stocks.

They scan for stocks with the headline news and want to make a killing in one trade. Many jumped into TLRY and other pot stocks recently. I don't know you, your goals, your risk tolerance or the amount of capital you have. But remember why you decided to trade...

If you're trading for excitement or the quick home run, close your account, put your money in an ETF and let it sit. If you opened an account to run a trading business, be smart and work your orders in stocks like this. You don't need to earn your month in one trade.

TLRY Tilray Inc 10-4-18

TLRY Tilray Inc 10-4-18

Stocks to Trade | Thursday Edition 10-4-18

Bullish Cash Flow Trades: AMRN, TLRY, I, ACAD, PAGS, BHC, MPC, CXO

Bearish Cash Flow Trades: ip, gds, sfix, mchp, nktr, dhi, kmb, exas, tndm

New 20 Day Breakout: EOG, GILD, LLY, APA, SLB, INTC, BA, DE, CAT, XLNX, VLO

New 20 Day Breakdown: ip, sfix, mchp, nktr, dhi, dg, amd, tap, len, pep, dwdp, kss, bby

Double Normal Volume: AMRN, BILI, SFIX, AA, LEN, XLNX, IP, CPRT, CCK, DG

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Tape Reading the SPY ETF

SPY ETF Chart 10-4-18

SPY ETF Chart 10-4-18


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