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Daily Self-Analysis as a Trader

Daily Self-Analysis as a Trader Daily Self-Analysis. Successful trading is 40% risk control and 60% self-control. In turn, the risk control portion is one half money management and one half market analysis? Thus, market analysis is only about 20% of successful trading. Yet mosttraders emphasize market analysis while avoiding self-control and de-emphasizing risk control. To become successful, traders need to invert […]

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Trading when there is “blood in the streets”

There is a maxim heard from many successful long-term contrarian investors; I’m buying when there is blood in the streets.  It’s actually a statement worth paying attention too. There are two items that come with it.  First, being able to recognize when these moments occur and second, knowing how to trade it. Notice in the […]

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Trading Insights – Volume Analysis

Hello traders – in this post we will shed a little light on volume analysis and how it not only impacts our trading, but can also help improve it. If you are trading or interested in trading, then you probably know the basics about volume.  It represents the amount of shares traded in a given […]

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Active Trading Tips – Part I

Hello fellow traders – in this multi-part series we will cover some key tips for your active trading.  Some of these will seem basic, some will not, but all are equally important and deserve your attention to achieve consistent success. Let’s kick it off with our first tip – Have A Trading Plan – and […]

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