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Trader Education – Time Frame Analysis

Hello traders – For this post we will focus on the practice of lining multiple charts to see if they tell us the same story.  The more in tune the charts are the better probability of a profitable trade.  As a trader that is our goal! So what exactly are we taking about? Multiple Time […]

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Active Trading Tip – Patience & Discipline

In this part of active trading tips we will discuss patience and discipline.  Simple, right?  Just be patient and stay discipline and we’re good to go as traders.  Uh, no….not so simple.  In order to do something well, we need to understand what actions to take and what benefits are created by them. This helps […]

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Art of Taking Profits in Trading

Art of Taking Profits in Trading  Many traders claim that their game plan emphasizes trade entry but not trade exit. As a result, they argue that they do not makeenought profit on each trade. If you have not thought about trade exit prior to opening a position, then you have a problem with your game plan because you have not […]

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