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Stock Chat Posts

Stock Chat Posts that Improve Trading and Discipline The first loss is the best loss you can ever take. Once you come to the realization that your trade is no good it’s best to exit immediately. “It’s never a loser until you get out” and “not to worry it’ will come back, is often repeated” […]

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How to Become Successful in Trading

How to Become Successful in Trading How to become successful in Trading requires discipline. Discipline will put more money in your pocket and take less money out. The one constant truth concerning the markets is that discipline equals increased profits. THE MARKET PAYS YOU TO BE DISCIPLINED. If you trade with discipline in nine out […]

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Is a Business Plan as Day Trader Necessary?

Stock Trading Business Plan The first thing you need is for it to be written down.  You will need to hold yourself accountable for your trading actions going forward.Consistency in trading the markets comes with responsibility. You must have it written down so you can look at the market, watch the market unfold, and know […]

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