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Stock Market Today | Morning Prep Video 3.9.15

Getting ready for the stock market today we are looking for further expansion in volatility as we discussed in Friday’s video. What does this mean for your Game Plan today? Great traders adjust trade expectation based on market conditions. There are essentially two types of thoughts to exiting profitable trades: exiting into momentum or building […]

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Stock Market Morning Prep Video 3 6 2015

Today’s stock market morning prep video delves into using Bollinger Bands and how they are forecasting an increase in volatility. Stock Market Morning Prep Video March 6, 2015 Periods of contraction leads to expansion. The key for active traders is to be patient. Too much money is lost by not recognizing the contraction in average […]

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Stock Market Today: 3.2.15

If you read enough news about the stock market today you would think we are in a depression. The market is still looking for a direction. Or so they say… This comment is mostly coming from short-term day traders. The market clearly has a direction. It’s up. This is going to sound like tough love […]

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