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Cryptocurrency Daily Update – August 7, 2018

Bitcoin Chart 8-7-18 BTC USD

Bitcoin Chart 8-7-18 BTC USDThe cryptocurrency market continued its slump on Tuesday with the exception of Ethereum Classic, which continued to rise inexorably post its announcement that it would be traded on Coinbase. In fact, the Ether spinoff was trading at around $19.30 on Binance at press time on Tuesday. BTC was down to the low […]

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Massive Wrong-Way Bitcoin Trade Forces Socialized Clawback 8-3-18

Bitcoin Chart 8-3-18 BTC USD

Bitcoin Chart 8-3-18 BTC USDBitcoin Whale’s Bad Trade Leaves Counterparties Holding the BagA massive wrong-way bet on Bitcoin left an unidentified futures trader unable to cover their losses, burning counterparties and threatening to dent confidence in one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency venues. The long position in Bitcoin futures listed on OKEx, a Hong Kong-based exchange, […]

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Crypto Market: Time to Buy the Cardano Dip? 8-2-18

Bitcoin Chart 8-2-18 BTC USD

Bitcoin Chart 8-2-18 BTC USD Cardano-Time to buy the dip?Cardano quickly rose to worldwide renown after its public launch in October of 2017. Initially worth roughly $0.02, Cardano’s native token, ADA, had reached a peak of nearly $1.30 by early January of 2018. The cryptocurrency quickly rose up the ranks of CoinMarketCap, at times placing as […]

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