Carl Icahn AAPL Tweet Spurs Buying | June 25 Game Plan

The stock market continues to flip-flop. The SPY is back in the middle of the 16 week trading range…

NFLX stock split news was the play of the day yesterday if you are comfortable with the day trading swing of a $700 stock. Those who are agile were in stock trader heaven.

carl icahn aaple tweet

Carl Icahn AAPL tweet “Apple could be one of the great stocks of the century…” was joined at the hip by his sale of NFLX stocks. AAPL is still in a range. Not much edge other than Carl Icahn taking to social media.

More Insight into the Carl Icahn AAPL Tweet

Carl Icahn Sells Netflix, Pumps Apple Again

Billionaire investor Carl Icahn told the world that he cashed out of Netflix (NFLX) on Wednesday and once again pumped up shares of Apple (AAPL) using social media.

Icahn said on Twitter that his hedge fund shop “sold last of our $NFLX today,” and, “believe $AAPL currently represents same opportunity we stated NFLX offered several years ago.”

Icahn was the ninth-largest Netflix shareholder as of the end of March, according to regulatory filings, with 1.4 million shares. Netflix has more than doubled in price in 2015. NFLX shared pared gains after the tweet, trading up 1.8% recently. The Wall Street Journal’s activist investor guru, David Benoit, estimates that Icahn spent $321 million on his stake and made more than $2.1 billion.

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Carl Icahn Not Selling Apple, Despite ‘Extremely Overheated’ Market

arl Icahn, chairman of Icahn Enterprises LP IEP, posted tweets today that were seemingly in contrast to each other. His first tweet reads, “Sold last of our $NFLX today. Believe $AAPL currently represents same opportunity we stated NFLX offered several years ago,” while the second one reads, “I believe the market is extremely overheated – especially high yield bonds.”

So, why is Icahn not selling Apple Inc. AAPL when he thinks the market overall is “extremely overheated?”

Icahn was on CNBC recently to answer that question.

If Apple Goes Down…

“We haven’t sold one share of Apple,” Icahn said. “It’s interesting, I am talking bearishly about this market. I mean, I am talking against myself in a way, because we have billions of dollars of long positions that we own, including Apple and so, but I am very hedged.

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June 25 Stock Market Today: Map of the S&P 500

Day Trading Game Plan: The SPY

carl icahn aaple tweet

SPY 5 minute chart gave you plenty of clean bear flags to sell-short. Index or ETF day traders finally got a good day to trade.

carl icahn aaple tweet

Stocks to Trade |Thursday June 25, 2015

Pete’s Notes:

  • About as stock specific trading environment as I have seen in a long time.
  • No good reason to venture off your morning game plan.

Interesting Chart Lessons:

QCOM Qualcomm Inc.  | Trading well off the charts. Obvious long-term pennant pattern that resolved itself lower. This lead to a clean flag and a nice sell-short. Good example to print out.

carl icahn aaple tweet

Earnings in play today > 1M avg shares:

Bullish Ideas ATR/Volume/Price: SINA, QIHU, CI, FEYE, FB, CYBR, GILD, NFLX, TSLA, GS

Bearish Ideas ATR/Volume/Price: rrc, mon, gmcr, baba, wynn, unp, sndk, slb, apc

Weak Stock Weak Close: adt, cnx, ctl, dd, ddd, mgm, nsc, qcom, swft

Strong Stock Weak Close: LULU, WMB, CTXS, UA, ABBV, SPLK,

Weak Stock Strong Close: a

Strong Stock Strong Close: CAG, TSN, FB, SYY

20 day Breakdown: cig, ctl, dd, hsn, mon, spls, swft

20 Day Breakout: BAX, HST, KBH, STNG, SYY, TSN

2x Normal Volume: SYY, NFLX, MON, AET, CTL A, LEN, HST, BAX, SWFT

Watch List Longs: MET, PRU>92, TGT, COF, SBUX, DIS, JPM, CVS, ABT, ADBE, DOW, M, T

Watch List Short: cvx, wmt, hal, trv, all, ko, xom, dd, wynn, qcom, orcl, intc, klac, glw


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