Boeing Stock Price Nosedives After 737 Grounded

BA Boeing Co Stock Chart 4-8-19

BA Boeing Co Stock Chart 4-8-19

Boeing’s 737 production cut hits its shares and those of suppliers

PARIS (Reuters) – Boeing’s decision to cut production of its 737 aircraft hit the shares of its suppliers on Monday, while its own shares were lower in U.S. pre-market trading.

Boeing’s shares were down by around 2.7 percent in pre-market trading, while its woes lifted shares of European arch rival Airbus by around 1 percent.

Dow Jones Futures: Stock Market On Cusp Of Long Bullish Phase

Dow Jones futures fell modestly Monday morning, along with S&P 500 futures and Nasdaq futures. The current stock market rally is at 2019 highs, but is it a bull market?

Larry Kudlow, President Donald Trump’s top economic adviser, said a China trade deal, is “closer and closer.” He told CBS’ “Face The Nation” on Sunday that high-level China trade talks will continue this week via “a lot of teleconferencing.”

Change from the open scan

What I’m about to share with you is perhaps the easiest trading signal that hardly anyone talks about.

This signal is my bread and butter, it’s how I find stocks with interest from the smart money.

Order flow is my main criteria, it’s how I get paid. I don’t look at any stock until I know the order flow. But what do I look at next? How do I know which stocks to trade today?

Remember this phrase: “Which stocks are currently trading in sync with long-term order flow? Which stocks have buying or selling right now, in sync with the long-term order flow?

Those are the stocks that get you to the bank.

Most mistakenly look to the net change. The change from yesterday’s close. Not me.

I want to know which stock had large red or large green candlesticks today. I want to know which stock held the bid from low to high (or had consistent pressure from high to low)

Here’s a simple scan (free).

This scan tells me which stocks had institutional interest. Combine it with my order flow method and you have a powerful way to make a living.


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