Bears Control Today’s Stock Market 9.28

The stock market needed clarity and today’s price action delivered…

The bears were in charge from open to close. Trade management is often dictated by the big picture. We ask ourselves if the general market is obvious and does that translate into adding to a position or getting out.

Today there was no reason to bid (other than TSO the first half hour. Marian and I outline 3 scenarios for tomorrow’s opening price action.

Bears Control Today’s Stock MarketĀ  9.28

Trading Recap Video

Bears Control Today's Stock Market

End of Day S&P 500 Map 9.28.15

Bears Control Today's Stock Market

SPY End of Day Chart 9.28.15

Bears Control Today's Stock Market

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Pete is a full-time trader and mentor since 2000. Author of Equity Trader 101 and the Order Flow Method. He is dedicated to help self-directed traders to bust through the six-figure level.

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