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American Express Company (AXP) to Release Earnings on Wednesday

American Express Company (NYSE:AXP) is scheduled to release its earnings data on Wednesday, April 19th. Analysts expect American Express Company to post earnings of $1.28 per share for the quarter.

Shares of American Express Company (NYSE:AXP) opened at 75.80 on Monday. The stock has a 50 day moving average of $78.79 and a 200-day moving average of $73.56. The company has a market capitalization of $68.32 billion, a price-to-earnings ratio of 13.42 and a beta of 1.19. American Express Company has a 52 week low of $57.15 and a 52 week high of $82.00.

Will American Express (AXP) Disappoint Again in Q1 Earnings?

American Express Inc. (AXP – Free Report) is scheduled to report first-quarter 2017 results on Apr 19, after market close. Last quarter, American Express missed the Zacks Consensus Estimate by 7.14%. Let’s see how things are shaping up for this announcement.

Q1 Flash Back == > We expect the company’s top line to see growth from its strong international business, expansion in small business, new lending products (i.e., American Express EveryDay and small business), growth of loyalty business and prepaid products, and momentum in OptBlue with small merchants.

Earnings Preview: What To Expect From American Express On Wednesday

American Express Co. is scheduled to report earnings after Wednesday’s close. The stock hit a record high of $96.24/share in 2014 and is trading near $76/share.

The stock is prone to big moves after reporting earnings and can easily gap up if the numbers are strong. Conversely, if the numbers disappoint, the stock can easily gap down. To help you prepare, here is what the Street is expecting […]

$AXP 4-19-17 Before Earnings

$AXP 4-19-17 Before Earnings

Today’s Trading Lesson…

Trading Plan Outline

A trading plan is an outline successful traders use to keep focused on decisions with a high probability for profit. The trading plan also eliminates trading scenarios that do not meet your edge.

The outline consists of two core components:

The trading system, method or process that defines your trading edge, which includes buy or sell signals.
Money management and risk management parameters that match your skills and resources.

Finally your trading plan includes which markets (or securities) to trade, your goals, your emotional characteristics and then chooses a trading style.

Although not part of the trading plan itself, professional traders include a process for writing a trading journal [watch video].

Reviewing your performance represents a critical element of trading success ignored by most traders. Which is also why most traders never reach their full potential.


On the Tape Today | 4-19-17

$CCI 4-19-17

$CCI 4-19-17

CCI | Crown Castle paused nicely above the $96 resistance level and showed relative strength to a weak stock market. Minor selling expected in the $98.50 area but the game plan calls for a  $97 buy-stop and add more shares on a close at the $98.50 level. Looking for a surge of buying through $100 and the target to sell for this swing trade comes in @ $101.75.

$TEVA 4-19-17

$TEVA 4-19-17

TEVA | Teva Pharma traded into a bearish fuel candlestick which sets up a new short sale. Looking for follow through but waiting for the stock to trade lower to initiate the trade. Created a game plan for a $30.75 sell-stop and a target to cover @ $28.50. Stop loss on a close above $31.75.


$SPY 4-19-17

$SPY 4-19-17

Tape Reading the SPY ETF

$SPY price action traded it’s way into another melted candlestick.

Heavier volume than yesterday’s stock market advance plus an inside day creates a solid prediction for Wednesday to be a trend day. Tape reading points to a day of distribution. It’s tempting to forecast a move lower on Wednesday but the big picture is neutral.

No bias to order flow plus an inside day means we wait.

Wait for stocks to pick a direction and look for a close in the top or bottom ten percent of the range. so what’s the reason for not calling direction. Easy. It’s a guess.

Show me a chart of the indices that shows a clear picture to order flow. With a foggy bias you must wait for a “fuel candlestick,” and if things work out perfectly, fuel becomes well-bid or well-offered. Then we can squeeze a little extra P&L out of the position.

If every trade looks the same to you, then you have some work to do on your strategy. Conditions are anything but perfect right now to have an aggressive conviction level. That doesn’t mean you can’t trade. It means you trade for cash flow.

If your stocks hold outside of the first 30 minutes range, and the last price is outside yesterday’s range, then you can sit up and maybe add some shares. If the $SPY breaks lower and cracks the $232 level, we have a decent momentum trade for 2 days.

If we trade higher, $236 is your first target.

Stock Market Today: Heatmap of the S&P 500

$SP 500 4-19-17

$SP 500 4-19-17

Stocks to Trade 4-19-17 | Wednesday Edition

Short-Term Momentum

Bullish Momentum: AKRX, CBS

Bearish Momentum: apa, nflx

Long-Term Order Flow


Bearish Order Flow: tso, fnsr, psx, kmx, cvx, lulu, akam, tsco, tpx

2X Normal Volume: NFLX, GS, UAL, HOG, LLY, FAST, AKRX

Inside Days: wfc, c, jpm, bmy, gm, bk, gps, pnc, kss, swft, lulu, rost, urbn, pcln, 

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