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How to Trade Your Strategy Aggressively

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Art of Taking Profits in Trading

Art of Taking Profits in Trading  Many traders claim that their game plan emphasizes trade entry but not trade exit. As a result, they argue that they do not makeenought profit on each trade. If you have not thought about trade exit prior to opening a position, then you have a problem with your game plan because you have not […]

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Daily Self-Analysis as a Trader

Daily Self-Analysis as a Trader Daily Self-Analysis. Successful trading is 40% risk control and 60% self-control. In turn, the risk control portion is one half money management and one half market analysis? Thus, market analysis is only about 20% of successful trading. Yet mosttraders emphasize market analysis while avoiding self-control and de-emphasizing risk control. To become successful, traders need to invert […]

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Overcoming our Trading Fears

trader psychology

Overcoming our Trading Fears Operating in an unstructured environment. Trading requires you to operate in an environment with few rules and little structure. Most people need order and rules for guidance, it is the way their lives have been structured since childhood. Confronting your inner self is very difficult. Standing alone is uncomfortable because it […]

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The Psychology of Successful Trading

The Phycology of Successful Trading The phycology of successful trading is 80% psychological and 20% methodical. As I have said in the past, self-knowledge is the key to market success. A trading method by itself, no matter how well thought out, cannot be successful if it is not applied in the correct manner. It is […]

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