Amazon Goes After Tesla Self-Driving Cars with Aurora

AMZN Inc Stock Chart 2-8-19

AMZN Inc Stock Chart 2-8-19

Tesla slides after report says Amazon has invested in a self-driving startup

Tesla slid to session lows Thursday morning after a report said Amazon had invested in a self-driving-vehicle startup.

Shares were down more than 4% to near $304.12 apiece after Bloomberg reported that the self-driving startup Aurora Innovation had raised $530 million from a group of investors including the venture- capital firm Sequoia Capital and had financial backing from Amazon and T. Rowe Price.

Amazon just invested in self-driving car company Aurora

Self-driving car start-up Aurora announced Thursday that it has raised more than $530 million in funding, from investors including Amazon, Sequoia and the investment arm of energy giant Shell.

“This funding and partnership will accelerate our mission of delivering the benefits of self-driving technology safely, quickly, and broadly,” Aurora said. Aurora’s management has a lot of experience in the automotive industry. cars

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