Airline Stocks Soaring AAL-DAL-UAL | Stocks to Trade 6-8-17

AAL-American Airlines

Airline Stocks Soaring | AAL-American Airlines

Airline Stock Roundup: IATA Lifts ’17 Profit View; United Continental Calls Off Venezuela Flights

The last week was dominated by updates from the International Air Transport Association (IATA). The monthly data released by the IATA revealed a 10.7% year-over-year increase in demand for air travel across the globe for April 2017. Healthy growth in both international and domestic traffic resulted in a rise in the overall figure.

Another significant update from the trade association emerged recently when it raised its 2017 profitability outlook for the airline industry to $31.4 billion from the earlier forecast of $29.8 billion.

Delta & United: A Tale of Two Airlines

Shares of American Air Lines (AAL), United Continental Holdings (UAL), and Delta Air Lines (DAL) have been soaring for the last three months, as all three have outperformed the S&P 500 during that period despite fears that their growth may be ending.

United Continental, however, has been outperforming Delta for the last year–but United is the one lagging today. The reason: At a Deutsche Bank conference today, Delta Air Lines United said that its margins would expand this year, while capacity growth would be limited to 1%. Continental, on the other hand, said in a press release today that capacity growth of 3.7% surpassed the 2.6% increase in traffic.

Delta Sees No Impact on Bookings From London Terror Attacks

Delta’s (DAL) chief financial officer said Wednesday that the carrier has seen no impact on bookings from recent terrorist attacks in Great Britain. “We’ve actually seen bookings in the summer have been remarkably resilient,” said Paul Jacobson, who was speaking at the Deutsche Bank investor conference. “We don’t see any impact {from} that.

“We’re expecting a good summer there,” Jacobson said. “It’s always a fantastic place to visit and the people are strong and we expect that to hold up. We haven’t really seen any impact on forward bookings.”

AAL- American Airlines Group Chart 6-8-17

AAL- American Airlines Group Chart 6-8-17

Today’s Trading Lesson…

60 Minute Charts | Day Trading Strategy Video

If you are finding the current long-term tape is driving you crazy, here is a simple solution that works like a charm for day trading. This is not a full trading plan but it come close.

We are using the SPY ETF as an example but you can apply the trading strategy to any stock.

Video | Learn to Implement this Day Trading Strategy — >>

On the Tape Today | 6-8-17

DE-Deere and Co Chart 6-8-17

DE-Deere and Co Chart 6-8-17

DE-Deere & Co showing an inside-inside day. After multiple bullish gaps and two consolidations, conditions are set for a new bullish momentum move. Game planning a $126.75 buy-stop. If filled,  the stock price seems to move in $4 increments, so the target comes in at $130.50. Stop loss on a close below $125.70.


SPY ETF Indecision | 6-8-17

SPY ETF Indecision | 6-8-17

Tape Reading the SPY ETF

SPY ETF showing indecision candlesticks exactly where bullish traders need them, during a pause.

The stock market pushed to new all-time highs with perfect well-bid price action, paused above previous resistance, traded 2 more days of momentum, then another light volume pause. Picture perfect.

The only thing missing is day trading opportunity. Swing traders are loving it, investors are in heaven with no fear (see the $VIX).

The most dangerous decline the sellers can orchestrate is a doji — a close near the open. Be long or be wrong. Right? Well yes and no. We have plenty of opportunity on the short side of the stock market in oil and gas stocks. Scroll down to today’s list of stocks to trade, both bearish momentum and bearish order flow show the numbers are growing.

Unless you are trading nothing but stock index futures, you have opportunity. If you aren’t comfortable on the short side, you are thinking wrong. Short selling weak stocks is a good game plan. It’s short selling strong stocks that make you a dumb, penniless trader.


Stock Market Today: 

stocks performance 6-8-17

stocks performance 6-8-17

Stocks to Trade | 6-8-17 Wednesday Edition


Bullish Momentum: UAL, TSN, DAL, AAL, WB

Bearish Momentum: sm, cbi, slca, nfx, pe, apc, dvn, clr, hes, hds, hal, trgp, eog, bhi, trip, dltr, etn



Bearish Order Flow: slca, nfx, pe, apc, dvn, clr, hal, apa, bhi, trip, slb, alxn, kors, mnk, tsco, eqt, dks, vlo, fl

Double Normal Volume: HDS, EXAS, CBI, DLTR, FL

Inside Days: vz, wmt, symc, v, kss, cf, aig, fast, lvs, pm, ctrp, rost, amzn, fnsr, tjx, jwn, lb, dd, adsk, nwl, cern, dish

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