Active Trading Blueprint Course

Lesson #1: How to Develop a Trading Plan that Builds to Confidence

Section one begins your training by discussing the reasons why you want to trade. We then move quickly into a lesson on managing money and the responsibility of being your own boss. Finally we cover the topic of a trading plan and how to create one.

Trading confidence is a direct result of planning. Video #1 covers all the bases to build a solid foundation before you risk any money.

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Lesson #2: How to Place the Important Orders and Keep a Trading Journal.

Section two covers the topic of how to keep a trading journal. We review why this overlooked gem can be the most important trading book you ever read and how the top traders use it to improve each month. We then move to the subject of how to place the important orders you need, how to interpret the bid/ask and how to read level 2 quotes.

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Lesson #3: Candlestick Chart Basics

Section three we do a deep dive into candlestick patterns and how they are the DNA of price action. With this knowledge you will have the skills to interpret the best trends to trade and when to step aside from a low-probability scenario. Entry and exit patterns are discussed as well.

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Lesson #4: How to Develop a Strategy

Section four sets the foundation for identifying your edge. You will learn how to set the criteria that makes your edge specific and obvious. This results in higher-probability trades. We finish this section with the power of interpreting multiple time frames and you are on your way to trading with conviction.

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Lesson #5: Trade Management

Section five brings the lessons full circle with trading reversal patterns and breakouts. Next we cover how to set your initial stop loss and offer three scenarios for exiting a profitable trade. We finish the blueprint with discipline, patience and money management.

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