Pete Renzulli - Trader

Dear Trader,

Congratulations for having the guts to pursue your dream.

Making this decision shows you have courage. It shows you want control of how much you earn. The upside potential can be massive if you work hard. The hard work required means you commit to your profession.

A professional may or may not have a license but they always work hard to improve. To improve you need structure and accountability.

To achieve this level of dedication you need to become an expert. You must let go of trying to trade everything and become great at something. Reducing your focus gives you the chance to achieve mastery.

Amateurs don’t commit, they dabble. If you’re a dabbler this site isn’t for you.

Active trading is challenging. When you work hard to improve it is an amazing opportunity. For those who breakthrough it can be exhilarating.

But working hard isn’t enough, to improve you must pay attention. If you pay attention and make adjustments you can achieve staggering success.

All fearless heroes encounter struggle, adversity and risks. You are the hero in this story. Your faith in yourself will be tested. Active trading will expose what you’re made of.

Do you have a meltdown in the face of adversity or do challenges feed your resolve?

The greatest challenge you will face is honesty. Can you be honest with yourself and judge progress by results and not “time spent” trading. You will spend a lot of time in scanning charts and learning the lingo.

These acts and what they represent are hypnotic. They convince you time spent acting like a professional trader makes you a trader. I am here to tell you it doesn’t.

Improvement, positive feedback and astonishing achievements are the result of your commitment to become a professional trader. You may choose to swing trade and keep your full-time job but you must commit to think and act like a pro.

The holy grail of consistency is earned by setting a personal standard and taking action.

To reduce mistakes and trade bigger requires commitment. It is my hope you lean on me and this website for guidance to achieve consistency.

Pete Renzulli - Hustle

Pete Renzulli

From 2000-2013, I traveled the world as a stock trading mentor, author, business builder and educator. My core business at this time was online training programs followed up by live events.

We were very good at helping people learn. The secret sauce was simple, when you really care, you really help.

Find some quiet time to develop your trading goals and let’s take the journey together.

Teamwork is everything. In my opinion it’s also a lot more satisfying when you can share the success.  As the President, CEO or CMO of three consecutive seven figure businesses, the real world results give me the confidence to offer you my help. I have taken ideas and persistence and turned passion into millions of dollars.

When you get knocked down I will be there to pick you up. When an idea turns into money, I will probably be more excited than you for your success. 

How you spend your nights and weekends will dictate how you spend your future. You must bring the hard work, this is the first step,  invest in yourself.

From 2006-2011 I was co-founder and CEO of Keystone Trading Group and Keystone Trading Concepts in NYC. My experience at Keystone Trading with my business partner Erik Solomon is one I am very proud of.

We have quite a few students currently mentoring at other firms.

During the brief period of July 2011-February 2013 I was the Chief Marketing Officer of T3 My work on the business model, corporate strategy, product development and marketing strategy produced a revenue increase of 190% in only 19 months.

I was also mentoring during this time. It was a full schedule :).

These same methods I developed to market trading education are now available to you, through our partner program. You can learn more about working together here.

Napoleon Hill

Napoleon Hill and Personal Success

I have achieved my entrepreneurial dream because of three core beliefs: work hard, have respect and believe in yourself. If there was one strong influence other than the example set by my amazing parents it would be the work of Napoleon Hill.

The lessons from Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill are deep within everything I do. They make up the DNA of my success. When I learned the difference between wishing for a thing and a burning desire, everything changed.

As Dr. Hill says “The knowledge of what one wants and a burning desire to achieve it creates a definiteness of purpose which knows no limits. What the mind of man can conceive and believe it can achieve.”

Burning desire, faith in yourself and the infinite, persistence in the face of adversity, imagination and organized planning as taught in Think and Grow Rich are what make this company special.

If you attended one of my stock trading seminars, each started with the same introduction: “I will never ask anyone to believe anything I say without proof, but if you want to invest in your future buy Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill.

I promise it will change your life. If I am proven wrong I will give you the money back.”

Twenty five years later no one has asked for the refund…