How Professional Traders Build a List of Winning Stocks

Professional traders have a system for making money…

The long-term goal is return on investment, a steady growth of capital.

Short-term however, the goal is to transform a strategy, into a daily list of stocks to trade.

This will be difficult for most traders because they have not made a commitment to write a trading plan. (How to combine an edge, entry and exit signals and money management.)

Today’s video is a behind-the-scenes look into our pre market game plan meeting. The key take-away from the meeting; it gives you reasons why a trade might be a good idea, but also why it may not be a good idea right now.

We discuss at length, the subtle art of trading an edge, but only if the risk/reward is acceptable.

Enjoy the video. Please leave comments below…

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daniel defoe-reinharez Reply

Thank you for the behind-the-scenes look into your pre market game plan meeting.
Cute anecdote about a person’s reaction to the 300 handles down in the SPY!
Could you please tell us what is the concept of Parascope? Looks cool!!

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